Sustainable tourism practices and eco-friendly solutions for responsible and ethical travel.


Liberty has always been conscious of the planet. This reflects in everything we do. We are the advocates of Sustainability practices in every walk of life.


Our Sustainability services are designed to help corporations reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining their business goals. These services cover a range of solutions that can be customized to fit the unique needs of each client. From reducing waste and carbon emissions to supporting local communities and protecting biodiversity, Liberty's Sustainability services offer a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.


By partnering with Liberty, corporations can not only improve their environmental impact but also enhance their brand image and reputation, attract environmentally conscious customers and employees, and contribute to a better future for all.

  1. Priority for Companies:

    1. Almost 9 in 10 (89%) industry respondents collectively say that sustainability is already a priority for their company.

  2. Climate Change:

    1. 88% of the global business travel sector views addressing climate change as the number one priority area for action.

  3. Challenges and Enablers:

    1. Higher costs (82%) and lack of transparent information and data (63%) are among the biggest barriers to more sustainable business travel management practices.

    2. Fostering change in industry culture (63%) and improved access to sustainability data (63%) are key enablers to achieving sustainability in business travel.

  4. Progress:

    1. Only 14% say that the industry is currently well advanced in sustainability, but improvements are being made.

    2. 76% of travel buyers have already incorporated or are planning to incorporate sustainability objectives in their travel policies.

  • Sustainably Sourced Products and Services from Each Office

  • Green Certificate for Each Office

  • Global Green Certificate for Liberty International Tourism Group

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator for Liberty Offerings

  • Liberty Sustainable Programs, including Secluded Africa endeavors


We believe in leading by example in promoting sustainability and responsible travel practices. Our Liberty Sustainable Programs offer opportunities for travelers to experience the beauty of the world while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

  • Carbon offsetting: Helping corporations to offset their carbon footprint by investing in eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Sustainable transportation: Providing eco-friendly modes of transportation for events, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Eco-friendly venue sourcing: Sourcing venues that have sustainable practices in place, such as using renewable energy, recycling, and reducing waste.

  • Sustainable event planning: Implementing eco-friendly practices during event planning, such as minimizing waste, using sustainable materials, and reducing energy consumption.

  • Community engagement: Involving local communities in events to create a positive impact, such as organizing volunteer activities or supporting local businesses.

  • Sustainable tourism: Promoting sustainable tourism practices and supporting local eco-friendly initiatives.

  • Sustainability reporting: Providing clients with detailed reports on the environmental impact of their events and suggesting ways to improve their sustainability practices.


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