Suppliers Code Of Conduct


In crafting our current ethical and conduct code for suppliers, we've sculpted
a framework of principles, rules, and values that govern the intricate dance of relationships
within and beyond the realms of Liberty International Tourism Group and our affiliated societies,
known as LITG. This code isn't just a document; it's a shared narrative, a living tapestry designed
to not only disseminate but also inspire the adoption of these principles, rules, and values by
our esteemed service goods providers & suppliers.

Respect and Equality

The suppliers of LITG will develop their business and professional activities always respecting:

The Human Rights -

Our suppliers commit to upholding universally proclaimed human rights, taking proactive measures to prevent violations through action or inaction. Additionally, they pledge to respect the human rights of local and indigenous communities where their activities unfold.

Labor Legislation -

Suppliers will adhere to all labor laws, prioritizing the protection of collaborators according to the laws of the country in which activities occur. They explicitly commit to not recruiting anyone under 16 and oppose any form of labor exploitation.

Principle of Equality -

Suppliers vow to uphold the dignity, privacy, and all rights attributed to their collaborators, fostering a work environment free from intimidation or discrimination based on race, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality, social origin, ethnicity, ideology, public opinion, physical capacity, health conditions, pregnancy, or any personal condition.

Hiring People with Disabilities -

Suppliers commit to complying with legal requirements for social contracting of people with disabilities in accordance with the legislation of each country.

Child Labor -

Suppliers actively contribute to eradicating child labor, ensuring that all workers are at least 16 years old, or complying with the minimum legal age in the country of operation.

Forced Labor -

Suppliers confirm the absence of forced labor within their organization, defined as work carried out under threat of penalty or reprisal.

Harassment -

Suppliers reject any form of violence, exploitation, or harassment, be it physical, psychological, moral, or sexual, fostering a culture free from abuse of authority.

Right of Free Association -

Suppliers guarantee the affiliation and collective negotiation rights of their collaborators, in accordance with applicable standards in each case.


Compliance with Current Legislation -

Our suppliers commit to respecting the laws, standards, and regulations of the countries in which they operate, avoiding practices that could compromise legality or fundamental ethical principles.

Fight against Bribery and Corruption -

LITG maintains a zero-tolerance stance against corruption, fraud, and any conduct stemming from fraudulent practices related to courtesies, gifts, or invitations. From our suppliers, we expect: Adherence to rules combating bribery and corruption in the countries of operation. Compliance with international laws applicable in LITG - operated countries. Diligence in knowing the third parties involved in their business transactions, ensuring the preservation of LITG reputation and the integrity of the supply chain.

Conflict of Interest

The supplier is required to promptly report to LITG any situation that could lead to a conflict of interest. Additionally, they must inform LITG if any of their employees or professionals under contract with LITG have any form of involvement in the supplier's activities or any economic connection with them.


Resource Efficiency and Waste Minimization - The supplier is tasked with identifying ways to enhance resource efficiency, reduce the consumption of raw materials, electricity, water, and gasoline, and make reasonable efforts to eliminate or minimize waste levels. Innovative methods and environmentally friendly practices are encouraged to mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Wildlife - In adherence to global standards for wildlife in tourism, LITG requires suppliers and excursion providers to ensure the "five freedoms" for animal well-being and respect in tourism: Freedom from hunger and thirst. Freedom from discomfort. Freedom from pain, injury, and sickness. Freedom to express normal behavior. Freedom from fear and anguish. Wildlife should remain wild, and suppliers must guarantee that animals: Are not attracted or accustomed to food. Are not persecuted. Are not touched. Are not hunted or frightened with loud noises or bright lights. LITG expects animal activity suppliers to prioritize the well-being of animals. This includes: Possessing a legal license for the attraction or activity offered. Ensuring animals are not kept in cruel conditions. Avoiding humanization of animals. Prohibiting the training of animals for unnatural tricks. Ensuring animals are not forced to participate in species activities. Providing spacious environments for animals, in line with international guidelines. Ensuring the provision of healthy, sufficient, and regular food for animals. Conducting regular veterinary checks for animals.